Monday, February 5, 2018

Art Teacher Life: #artteacher365 Photo Challenge - Feb. 2018

Hey Everyone! I'm so excited to announce a photo challenge just for art teachers! 
I know of a few daily photo challenges out there but not specifically for us art teacher types! I saw my friend post a picture of an area in her classroom one day as part of a photo challenge and I thought, 'what a great idea!' We teachers love Instagram and sharing our spaces! So I came up with a list for February. 

Below you will find the FEBRUARY photo challenge prompts, all the details and how to play! 


1. Take a look at the list each day and take a photo using the prompt as inspiration! Get creative! For example, Day 1 was Frame it! Here are 4 examples of the day 1 prompt from 4 fantastic art teachers who are playing along! Be sure to check them out!

2. Share your photo on Instagram and add a caption. It might look something like this. "February 1, Frame it,  I love these self portraits framed and up in our school!" Make sure to add the hashtag #ARTTEACHER365. Post it and you're done! (well almost)

3. Check out the #ARTTEACHER365 hashtag to see posts. Like them and comment! Be a part of the community! 

I will post the calendar each month on my blog, here on Instagram and here on Facebook. 

Art teachers are pretty much the rock stars of the teaching world. Lets be honest! So, have fun with this photo challenge! If you get behind....which I'm sure I will, just jump back in! Also, if you're just hearing about this cause I'm just know writing this blog post! Ahem! Jump on board! 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Art Room: Sticky Note Challenge #2 “I wish I Could Draw...”

Sticky Note Challenge #2 "I wish I could draw..."
Here it's October and I was trying to think of a new engaging prompt for the next "Sticky Note Challenge." You can check out our September Sticky Note Challenge here which was our first for the 2017-18 school year. 


It's still the beginning of the year so building those relationships with 450 plus kids is umm...well...quite a task!  So, I thought that maybe I would do a prompt that while benefiting them would also benefit me! So, this helped me get to know them a little better. They got to know each other by sharing and also told me something about themselves.  

 We had a lot of desire to draw animals. At the end of class, I asked who would like to share their sticky note. A great way to discover what student's hopes and dreams were as artists in my classroom. 

A few gave it a shot with a little mini drawing! 

I was able to promise that we would do self portraits!! Always!!

"Real Expressions!"  "Cool Animals!" 

 These kiddos were very specific and knew exactly what kind of car they wanted to learn how to draw. This is great! 

POP CULTURE is alive and well y'all! We love EMOJIS! 

Check out another way I use sticky notes to engage my students here as they comment and ask me questions about what I'm wearing. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Adapted Art: Art Outside, River Rock Painting

Taking the art room outside is always a win with students! I have a giant king size sheet that we drag out when we do art outside. Every time it gets a little more "painty" or "smudgy." However, it absolutely gets a lot more magical! 

It's kind of like a quilt handed down through generations. There is an art project memory with each colorful splotch.

We have a garden at our school that is organized and run by 2 awesome parents. You can check out their blog here. Many posts are written by students. Follow them on twitter here @HESGardenGrow. They do amazing things with our students! 

 They purchased river rocks for me to work with and this is one of the projects I chose to do. I wanted to bring my adapted art students outside to with nature.

We used tempera paint in refillable dot markers to paint the river rocks. I purchased the dot markers here. We sat outside on our painty blanket to paint the rocks.

This took 2, 30 minute classes. We spent part of the 2nd class placing our rocks and exploring the garden. 

These painted rocks are "Legacy Rocks" They will remain in the garden to represent these students as artists and members of our community. 

I dipped each rock in Mod Podge to seal it since we used tempera which is washable. Since they are outside, they needed to be protected and they are doing great! We love them!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Art Room: Sticky Note Challenge #1 “What is Art?” 

Sticky Note Challenge #1 "What is Art?" 

Each month we have a sticky note challenge in our Art Room. For the month of September, the students responded to the question, “What is art?” We are trying to do more writing in art this year. Students can respond by writing or draw what they are thinking on the sticky note. 

They love sticky notes and so do I!! This was a great question to start off the school year and kick start our thinking about art/

They loved to watch the wall grow and read other’s responses. We also take time to share with each other our answers.

My students always blow me away with their thinking and creative conclusions and connections!

The large doors of these two cabinets turned out to be a great space to put up all the stickies.

Check back for the next STICKY NOTE CHALLENGE!
We do one every month!

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