Monday, May 29, 2017

Art Teacher Life: (Video) My #OurFCPS Spotlight

"Some people only dream of meeting
their favorite artists, I teach mine" 
On Thursday January 19, 2017, I tweeted the photo above. It was dismissal and I had grabbed my selfie stick and walked out to see students off! We were getting the next day off. January 20th would be the 2017 presidential inauguration.

I teach in Virginia, but we are just a few miles from Washington DC. If you live in a big city or near one, you know that living miles from any big city puts you in a mixing bowl of activity spanning far and wide. We call our area the "DMV" standing for "District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia."

You can find me here on twitter as BRIGHTBLUEHUE  The tweet got lots of love which I thought was just the coolest thing! Our awesome news liaison, Laura snagged it up and sent it in to the FCPS folks who gather potential pictures for news letters.

With our school's amazing news liaison!
Couldn't have braved it without ya Laura! 
Laura was contacted about the photo, asking to know a little more about the teacher pictured. I sent in the usual, where I went to college, years teaching, and few other things. They came back and said, "tell us more!" They had sent a list of questions this time. I was starting to get a little nervous. What is this for? I didn't ask questions. I just replied with meaningful answers trying my best to write like a rock star! However, it all kinda just came out as....."y'all, teaching art is pretty much the best thing ever!"
I didn't hear back for weeks and weeks. Finally, Laura said, "Margaret, they want to send a production crew here to film you!" Gulp..... My inner dialog was....'NO! NO! THAT'S NOT NECESSARY!!!'  Alas, it proved to be such a fun process. Terrifying, but a blast! Check out the video! 

A writer from the communications staff in FCPS wrote an article about me. It is amazingly well written. I'm so grateful that someone took the time to put it together. They really made me sound awesome! Amazing writing! You can read the short article here posted on March 3, 2017

In the article, I talk about how to keep up that joyful classroom at year 11 and how I kindle and rekindle my passion for teaching art!  I had this to say: 

 "I see how their art is ‘imperfect’ and how meaningful it is to view and enjoy.  This, in turn, taught me to let go of my inhibitions when doing my art. When my creative soul is full, I am ready to inspire them to know they are artists, too.” 

Margaret McDonald, Art Teacher

Check out that colorful back ground! The crew emailed ahead of time asking for an  "artistic" background to film against. So, I grabbed all the International Dot Day artwork from our September mural and threw the board together! It has stayed up  in this conference room all school year! 

I was asked, how I got the opportunity to be filmed. When I think about this experience and the little moments that lead up to the crew coming to film me, I realized that it all boiled down to something very basic - "passion"

On that Thursday afternoon at dismissal, I was genuinely having a good time with some of my "favorite artists." Most days, my job doesn't feel like a job. Don't get me wrong, it's tough! However, I can't imagine doing anything else. I think that is what showed up in this picture. Our smiles and that passion for art and for teaching!

I'm so grateful that I got this chance to be an advocate for art education. Sharing its importance in every single school for every single child!

I truly believe art education gives every child a voice! No exceptions! I'm am quoted in the spotlight article saying;

“When a child is given the opportunity for curiosity, exploration, imagination, risks, ideas, new materials, and challenges, that yearning and ability to create is awakened and expression is born.”

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